PR Connections (Part 2)

PR Connections

Commentary, reflections and opinions about PR issues that I have found are listed below. For other PR connections check out my other blogs titled: PR Connections- Comment on Shelz & Neville Report & PR Connections (Part 1).

  • On PRWeek, I found an Opinion based article explaining a debate on ethics in PR.  Though this article came out in 2007 of February, its a great article that I think everyone should look into. The issue that I find questionable is concerning how PR people admit to being dishonest at times. A statement that stood out to me is this, ” The fact that PR people admit they need to lie occasionally is a sign of growing honesty and confidence in what they do.” Weird, huh? In my mind, I am wondering what do they think is right? Do they know the difference between morals and values?  Click to read the article called “OPINION: Honesty on display at Ethics Debate” and tell me what you think.
  • A website that I came across goes into detail about how the industry can manipulate you through public opinion and guess which one they choose.. Yes,  they chose Public Relations as one of the many professions that manipulate public opinions. Click to read more on “How the industry manipulates public opinion.”
  • Another issue that many people may not know about is accreditation for public relations professionals. They question why is it that they need to become accredited in order to pursue there career when they have been working in the industry for years. One main reason to become accredited is to help the continuous growth of the industry. Do you believe that its necessary for public relations people? Take a look at the video below and  you decide.

Video Titled: Is Public Relations Accreditation Worthwhile?

  • I came across a unique blog titled ” Why PR Sucks”. This blog was published by Todd Defern in 2004 from the blogging site PR Squared. A very unusual way to put it but he was very direct and truthful on what he believes why PR Sucks. There are different reasons why but he clearly defines which part in PR sucks. Read and tell me what you think about his blog.
  • In looking into public relations issues. I found a presentation concerning some public relations issues. The deception within media comes from the PR firms, who are  behind many company scandals; such as Walmart blogs,  When AOL apologies for release of user search data and  the Myspace glitch that gave hackers teen data. These are all dilemma and issues that PR firms have created. Take a look at this power point. Its short, simple and to the point.

Power point: Public Relations Issues

  • Another video that I will like to share with you is called “The Most Dangerous Ideas About the Future of Public Relations”. This video from Ad Age in 2004 asked the Advertising Editor Jonah Bloom with a running of only 3 minutes about why he thinks the future of public relations is a dangerous idea. When you listen to what he has to say, he is presenting his opinion and what he believes is about to come.  I do not totally agree but it is definitely something to think about when it comes to your future career going into shambles. Take a look and let me know what you think.

  • In this article, It states how bad PR forces Apple to reconsider banning a prize-winning satirist. This article was published on April 16, 2010… Yes, its a recent article and it surely explains why Apple wants to reconsider the resubmission of an app made by Mark Fiore. Funny thing about this is why would Apple ask you to resubmit something after banning it? Confused, huh?  Here is why: “Because the app satirized public figures in violation of its policies. Fiore did just that Friday morning, even though he says he feels a bit odd about it.” For more details as to why this was Bad PR, read the article here: “Bad PR Forces Apple to Reconsider Banning Prize-Winning Satirist”.

To read more PR connections, go back to the top of my blog and click the links to my other PR Connections. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.


Top 10 Reasons: Why PR Students Should Blog

10 Reasons Why PR Students should Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question? Many PR students wonder if they should start blogging or what’s it like to blog. In this blog, I want to give you my top reasons on why Public Relations students should take that fun and exciting step to blog.

Before I give you the top reasons, I will like you to know that I wondered why should I start blogging?  “I feel like its my own”. Blogging gave me a confident feel to my writing and it feels like my opinion actually matters. YAY to all you bloggers out there!

Now back to the Top Ten Reasons Why PR Students should Blog:

  1. Gives a great Credibility: A public relations person needs to have credibility for support. When it comes to marketing a company, person or a product; having the credibility gives you  “integrity” to gain trust from your primary audience.
  2. Creates an Audience for the future: As a one begins to look for a company or a product to help with its PR, having an audience from just blogging will help you advertise who you are as a writer, which will benefit you as a whole.
  3. Expands your Writing Skills: In order to become a great writer, they say write until you can’t write anymore. The more practice and experience you have in writing , the better your writing skills will become.
  4. Gives a Reference for Resume: A key essential in all interviews is to have plenty of experience in whatever you do. With that in mind, if you feel that your writing is up to par and your confident in it, give them your blog as a reference to gain points in experience.
  5. Keeps you up to date with current events: In this day and age, things are continuously going on. With blogging you can subscribe to other bloggers that blog specifically on news related information. This will become your online source for current events.
  6. May connect you with a possible employer or client: Like any other social site, Blogging connects you with millions of other bloggers that have other PR agencies looking to connect with a possible employer. If they notice your blog, they may ask if you would like to be apart of there company.
  7. Helps you realize what you like to write about: Many of us do not know where to start when it comes to PR. It’s such a broad horizon with so many different opportunities. Utilizing a blog can help you explore many others and gather some ideas of where you’d like start.
  8. Helps  market a  favorite product or person: Blogging is all about the “public opinion”. When you blog as a PR student you are marketing some person or product in some way. With tags to your blog, the search engine links to your personal blog and it will be read by readers who want to hear your opinion towards that product or person.
  9. Helps you to have fun and become creative: Expressing yourself is a great feeling. Why not do so by blogging. As a PR student blogging gives a great opportunity for you to be creative, and have fun with what you are writing about. By being creative you can make or add your own theme that expresses who you are. This will help you to create “you” and  enjoy it as a whole.
  10. Great Use for Networking: As said before, connecting with others through blogging will benefit you. This allows you to network with friends, family, and acquaintances based upon your interests. Networking is a big part of public relations so this is just a plus when it comes to blogging.

From another person’s reason to blog. Here is a great video on Why you should start blogging. Period.

What do you think about my top lists? What are some other reasons why a PR student should start blogging?

Social Media News Release

Social Media News Release

This video is shares an overview of Social Media News Release from RealWire

What is a Social Media News Release (SMNR)?

Social Media News Releases are a new kind of press releases. SMNR’s are taking advantage of the online and media tools in order to communicate a message to the “online” community. It includes videos; such as YouTube, images, hyperlinks and audio. It’s like blogging from a business aspect yet in a creative fashion.

Some say that Journalist love receiving Social Media News Release’s more than the printed paper version of news releases. Pretty cool, ey!

PR Practitioners should use SMNR’s instead of or in addition to a “regular” news release when they want to reach an online audience. In order for them to do so, they would have to go through the measures of submitting a SMNR to convey their story with their message to their online community. An advantage for PR people in submitting a Social Media Release is allowing the two-way communication between the PR practitioners and the audience.

For examples and more info, Go to the links below:

What do you think about SMNR’s? What are some better examples of Social Media Release’s than the ones shown above?

M.J. in a bitter sense of humor

Ever since the death of Michael Jackson, people have mourned, realized and impersonated this man of great talent. He was a creator of art in music and no one can deny it. His complex moves, crazy stage presence and unique voice has affected someone in many ways.

In knowing that, he has affected my little sister and her friend. Her friend has dedicated her 5th birthday party to Michael. I just saw this video today but I have known about this for a while. She is dancing like no other towards M.J.’s music. I find it so adorable and yet funny to see how one man can change a child.

I want to share with you the videos of her M.J. party. Tell me what you think about the videos:

Video 1
Video 2

PR Connections (Part 1)

Public relations issues that I have found are:

  • Public Relations Ethics, many may argue and say, ” PR does not have ethics,”  but I believe that it does depending on morals, beliefs and religion. As a Christian, I Believe in presenting the ” truth” as a PR representative. Link

  • The other issue is PR publicity: When working for an organization as a PR, some tend to market/advertise the business in the wrong way. It seems to me that PR has issues with trying to receive publicity for its untruthful ways. We see countless acts of organizations making mistakes. In this blog, that I reviewed,  Seth Godin, tells us the difference between PR and Publicity. Take a look! Track this URL

  • There is a YouTube video that I think is funny, clear and direct. It explains to us that Christian Public Relations is not a great way to get people closer to God. Watch the video and keep your ears open. =)

Video Link

Social Media: Which ones do you participate in

Which types of social media are you currently participating in, which platforms you use, and why?

The types of social media that I currently participate in are:

  • Mixed Media, such as, designing, blogging and video advertising. Throughout SEU, I have made video advertisements for Student Publications. I have also help design layouts for the Torch Yearbook.
  • I use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as a form of advertising and even communicating to keep in touch with events, friends and family.
  • Newspaper and Survey’s, I love participating in surveys that are about the issues of this world and local communities. For newspapers, I send requests for topics that I think should be approached and reported.

The platforms I use mostly are Facebook, twitter and for my blogging platforms. I use these particularly because they are appealing to the audience, known mostly to receive feedback about anything quickly and efficiently.

I have learned to advertise in various ways, through just Internet. Usually, when advertisement comes to mind people believe that it can be expensive but not really if you just use sites and links that are media prone.