Top 10 Reasons: Why PR Students Should Blog

10 Reasons Why PR Students should Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question? Many PR students wonder if they should start blogging or what’s it like to blog. In this blog, I want to give you my top reasons on why Public Relations students should take that fun and exciting step to blog.

Before I give you the top reasons, I will like you to know that I wondered why should I start blogging?  “I feel like its my own”. Blogging gave me a confident feel to my writing and it feels like my opinion actually matters. YAY to all you bloggers out there!

Now back to the Top Ten Reasons Why PR Students should Blog:

  1. Gives a great Credibility: A public relations person needs to have credibility for support. When it comes to marketing a company, person or a product; having the credibility gives you  “integrity” to gain trust from your primary audience.
  2. Creates an Audience for the future: As a one begins to look for a company or a product to help with its PR, having an audience from just blogging will help you advertise who you are as a writer, which will benefit you as a whole.
  3. Expands your Writing Skills: In order to become a great writer, they say write until you can’t write anymore. The more practice and experience you have in writing , the better your writing skills will become.
  4. Gives a Reference for Resume: A key essential in all interviews is to have plenty of experience in whatever you do. With that in mind, if you feel that your writing is up to par and your confident in it, give them your blog as a reference to gain points in experience.
  5. Keeps you up to date with current events: In this day and age, things are continuously going on. With blogging you can subscribe to other bloggers that blog specifically on news related information. This will become your online source for current events.
  6. May connect you with a possible employer or client: Like any other social site, Blogging connects you with millions of other bloggers that have other PR agencies looking to connect with a possible employer. If they notice your blog, they may ask if you would like to be apart of there company.
  7. Helps you realize what you like to write about: Many of us do not know where to start when it comes to PR. It’s such a broad horizon with so many different opportunities. Utilizing a blog can help you explore many others and gather some ideas of where you’d like start.
  8. Helps  market a  favorite product or person: Blogging is all about the “public opinion”. When you blog as a PR student you are marketing some person or product in some way. With tags to your blog, the search engine links to your personal blog and it will be read by readers who want to hear your opinion towards that product or person.
  9. Helps you to have fun and become creative: Expressing yourself is a great feeling. Why not do so by blogging. As a PR student blogging gives a great opportunity for you to be creative, and have fun with what you are writing about. By being creative you can make or add your own theme that expresses who you are. This will help you to create “you” and  enjoy it as a whole.
  10. Great Use for Networking: As said before, connecting with others through blogging will benefit you. This allows you to network with friends, family, and acquaintances based upon your interests. Networking is a big part of public relations so this is just a plus when it comes to blogging.

From another person’s reason to blog. Here is a great video on Why you should start blogging. Period.

What do you think about my top lists? What are some other reasons why a PR student should start blogging?


Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling

Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling

In this course, taken at, you will learn the basic steps of telling your story with multimedia.

What I learned

By taking this course I learned how multimedia story telling uses certain ways of illustrating a multidimensional graphic. This uses strengths of each medium to tell a story in a way that draws the readers.  In order to do this, you have to use quotes for audio or video, that comes across in still photos etc… One example of this was Death Valley National Park. In this example, they used “dancing rocks” as a nonlinear format that readers can control how the story may go or how they read the story.

What surprised me

I was surprised at how stories can be interpreted and how they can be presented digitally. Most times when telling a story in a multimedia form we tend to get sidetracked by the actual message. Multimedia is more than a digital story, it’s a new way of going beyond print reporting.

I want to know more

I want to know more about the educational advantages of using  multimedia storytelling. How effective is it? Due to our reading habits as Americans, how will this help us to enhance our capabilities to want to read more books or even want to research more. Other than that, this is an amazing course at

~I advise anyone to take this course~

Podcast: Have you tried?

Public Relations/Marketing Podcast

What are podcast?

Podcast- is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released periodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

Where can you listen to Podcast through: You can listen to podcast through your computers media player, Apple I-tunes even through your blackberry.

  • Some podcast are 2 minutes long to 20 minutes long. It all depends on what your interest of podcast is.
  • These podcast have great insight from politics, to breaking news and, of course, to great public relations information   ” THE NEED TO KNOW BASICS OF PR.”

Listening to these podcast will benefit PR Practitioners and PR Students because of many different reasons:

  1. Listening to Podcast as a PR personnel, helps you obtain customer support. Podcast gives one the upper hand in knowing things that are not usually said through networking, internet and radio.
  2. Being a PR Practitioner- podcast can help market press release information for your organization (if it is non-profit).
  3. For PR Students– listening to podcast can help you obtain the newest information on product development and product launching that may affect or benefit your life as a pubic relations writer. For example: Listening to Grammar Girl has helped me to Digitally market myself by using Twitter. Twitter is fast, efficient and a quick communicator to other sources.

While listening to other podcast such as NPR, it has helped broaden my insight towards politics and marketing. In the podcast under “It’s All Politics”: It has made me laugh, and even wonder why do we involve ourselves in such chaotic confusion. This particular podcast goes in details about Presidency; such as Barack Obama and many other political candidates like Sarah Palin.

If you have not started listening to podcast, your missing out on this exciting new trend. Try it, you’ll love it!

Effective Blog Commenting

Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

Blog comments are such an important part of blogging because it gives you a sense of where people stand when it comes to your topic and it is a vital part of your writing growth as a blogger. It gives interaction and growth- comments.

My advice in giving effective blog comments are:

  1. Be clear, direct and precise with what you have to say

  2. DO NOT become hasty and irrelevant in your response

  3. Keep it short and clean

Hopefully that helps for those who are learning to comment correctly, I know I am still learning.

Cleaning your copy-

If you have never heard of you are truly missing out. I have learned so much about my writing and particularly the English language from this website. It has courses that you can take (for FREE). The only process iS signing up, with your own user name and password. The website will send you a direct link to get started as soon as you submit your email address. Do it, IT’S WORTH A TRY!

I participated in “Cleaning your copy”  where you learn how to edit and correct grammar mistakes properly & “Lead Lab” for those who are Journalist and PR writers- which teaches you how to find a great story, and HOW  to publish it the right way.

Here are the links:

Link One

Link Two

Get started! IT’S FUN!