Social Media News Release

Social Media News Release

This video is shares an overview of Social Media News Release from RealWire

What is a Social Media News Release (SMNR)?

Social Media News Releases are a new kind of press releases. SMNR’s are taking advantage of the online and media tools in order to communicate a message to the “online” community. It includes videos; such as YouTube, images, hyperlinks and audio. It’s like blogging from a business aspect yet in a creative fashion.

Some say that Journalist love receiving Social Media News Release’s more than the printed paper version of news releases. Pretty cool, ey!

PR Practitioners should use SMNR’s instead of or in addition to a “regular” news release when they want to reach an online audience. In order for them to do so, they would have to go through the measures of submitting a SMNR to convey their story with their message to their online community. An advantage for PR people in submitting a Social Media Release is allowing the two-way communication between the PR practitioners and the audience.

For examples and more info, Go to the links below:

What do you think about SMNR’s? What are some better examples of Social Media Release’s than the ones shown above?


Social Media: Which ones do you participate in

Which types of social media are you currently participating in, which platforms you use, and why?

The types of social media that I currently participate in are:

  • Mixed Media, such as, designing, blogging and video advertising. Throughout SEU, I have made video advertisements for Student Publications. I have also help design layouts for the Torch Yearbook.
  • I use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as a form of advertising and even communicating to keep in touch with events, friends and family.
  • Newspaper and Survey’s, I love participating in surveys that are about the issues of this world and local communities. For newspapers, I send requests for topics that I think should be approached and reported.

The platforms I use mostly are Facebook, twitter and for my blogging platforms. I use these particularly because they are appealing to the audience, known mostly to receive feedback about anything quickly and efficiently.

I have learned to advertise in various ways, through just Internet. Usually, when advertisement comes to mind people believe that it can be expensive but not really if you just use sites and links that are media prone.