Top 10 Reasons: Why PR Students Should Blog

10 Reasons Why PR Students should Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question? Many PR students wonder if they should start blogging or what’s it like to blog. In this blog, I want to give you my top reasons on why Public Relations students should take that fun and exciting step to blog.

Before I give you the top reasons, I will like you to know that I wondered why should I start blogging?  “I feel like its my own”. Blogging gave me a confident feel to my writing and it feels like my opinion actually matters. YAY to all you bloggers out there!

Now back to the Top Ten Reasons Why PR Students should Blog:

  1. Gives a great Credibility: A public relations person needs to have credibility for support. When it comes to marketing a company, person or a product; having the credibility gives you  “integrity” to gain trust from your primary audience.
  2. Creates an Audience for the future: As a one begins to look for a company or a product to help with its PR, having an audience from just blogging will help you advertise who you are as a writer, which will benefit you as a whole.
  3. Expands your Writing Skills: In order to become a great writer, they say write until you can’t write anymore. The more practice and experience you have in writing , the better your writing skills will become.
  4. Gives a Reference for Resume: A key essential in all interviews is to have plenty of experience in whatever you do. With that in mind, if you feel that your writing is up to par and your confident in it, give them your blog as a reference to gain points in experience.
  5. Keeps you up to date with current events: In this day and age, things are continuously going on. With blogging you can subscribe to other bloggers that blog specifically on news related information. This will become your online source for current events.
  6. May connect you with a possible employer or client: Like any other social site, Blogging connects you with millions of other bloggers that have other PR agencies looking to connect with a possible employer. If they notice your blog, they may ask if you would like to be apart of there company.
  7. Helps you realize what you like to write about: Many of us do not know where to start when it comes to PR. It’s such a broad horizon with so many different opportunities. Utilizing a blog can help you explore many others and gather some ideas of where you’d like start.
  8. Helps  market a  favorite product or person: Blogging is all about the “public opinion”. When you blog as a PR student you are marketing some person or product in some way. With tags to your blog, the search engine links to your personal blog and it will be read by readers who want to hear your opinion towards that product or person.
  9. Helps you to have fun and become creative: Expressing yourself is a great feeling. Why not do so by blogging. As a PR student blogging gives a great opportunity for you to be creative, and have fun with what you are writing about. By being creative you can make or add your own theme that expresses who you are. This will help you to create “you” and  enjoy it as a whole.
  10. Great Use for Networking: As said before, connecting with others through blogging will benefit you. This allows you to network with friends, family, and acquaintances based upon your interests. Networking is a big part of public relations so this is just a plus when it comes to blogging.

From another person’s reason to blog. Here is a great video on Why you should start blogging. Period.

What do you think about my top lists? What are some other reasons why a PR student should start blogging?


Writing For the Ear


“Writing For The Ear” is another course on helps in improving audio storytelling skills. This course is for anyone but is geared towards journalism students and working journalist.

Things I think you should know from the course are:

  • Good audio stories are like well-written print stories. They use vivid details. They engage the reader. They have a beginning, a middle and an end. But there are some important differences.
  • Audio stories tend to be narrower in focus than print stories. (To find examples of audio stories, take this course at
  • One Element of a Good Pitch: Should express the basic premise of the story
  • “A tape log is an index for your recordings. It’s a list of time codes with corresponding snippets of dialog or descriptive text.”
  • ENDINGS: A good ending is crucial in radio writing. It’s also among the hardest parts of an audio story to craft.
  • Voicing is the act of reading (and recording) a story. Voicing matters because audio stories are incomplete without it.

For Key Terms and more information on “Writing For the Ear”, take this course only at

PROpenMic by Robert French

PROpenMic is a great social network for PR students, faculty, and practitioners. Robert French created PROpenMic specifically for those within the range of being a PR student to practitioner for there benefit of marketing and learning ways to connect throughout the media.

This social network offers a wide variety of connections worldwide. PROpenMic offers your own profile, blogs, forums and much more. Get connected with PROpenMic and start your own profile to take advantage of the many connections.

The connections which I have found that are so useful are:

Also, Check out the ABOUT ROBERT FRENCH section to learn more!

My experience with Twitter

Using Twitter for the past week

Within the last week, using Twitter was a better experience than the previous weeks when I first started using it. I’ve had Twitter for about a year and it was not the same as using it with my class mates. The reason why I say this is because before I did not have many people to tweet to, but now I have people I actually know to tweet to back and forth. Twitter is now fun!  Also, I feel that there is more communication and social networking going on than when I first used Twitter.

I will continue using Twitter to stay updated with current news and current community involvements. Twitter has helped me to stay up to date with current issues in our world. Its kind of funny how it can be useful, and fun all at once.  So, if you have not used Twitter, or thought that its silly… I say give it a try for at least two weeks and follow people who you like. You will see how  Twitter is worth the time.

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