Social Media News Release

Social Media News Release

This video is shares an overview of Social Media News Release from RealWire

What is a Social Media News Release (SMNR)?

Social Media News Releases are a new kind of press releases. SMNR’s are taking advantage of the online and media tools in order to communicate a message to the “online” community. It includes videos; such as YouTube, images, hyperlinks and audio. It’s like blogging from a business aspect yet in a creative fashion.

Some say that Journalist love receiving Social Media News Release’s more than the printed paper version of news releases. Pretty cool, ey!

PR Practitioners should use SMNR’s instead of or in addition to a “regular” news release when they want to reach an online audience. In order for them to do so, they would have to go through the measures of submitting a SMNR to convey their story with their message to their online community. An advantage for PR people in submitting a Social Media Release is allowing the two-way communication between the PR practitioners and the audience.

For examples and more info, Go to the links below:

What do you think about SMNR’s? What are some better examples of Social Media Release’s than the ones shown above?


Public Relations & Journalism

Chapter 10: Distributing News to the Media

Book: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (Sixth Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox

  • Selecting the right channels of distributing to the media is key to guarantee that your work is reaching the correct media and the correct audiences.

Media Databases vary but they do have five things in common that provides essential information:

  1. Names of publications and broadcast stations
  2. Mailings Addresses
  3. Telephone & Fax numbers
  4. E-mail Addresses
  5. Names of key editors and reporters
  • Editorial Calendars– where trade publications and business periodicals tend to operate.
  • Tip Sheets– is a way to find media personnel who might have an interest in your material
  • “Online news rooms are part of the organizations website, which is now a primary source for journalist seeking late breaking news and other information about an organization.”
  • Key words are important with search engines optimism(SEO). Publicist must use key words that is helpful in use to search for information.
  • Camera ready features are widely used by newspapers and other media outlets because they reduce staff cost and fill spaces.

Chapter 11- Getting Along with Journalist

Public Relations professionals and journalist have had a long love-hate relationship. With this in mind, two-thirds of journalist do not trust public relations people, but there is also the realization that they are mutually dependent on each other.

In a sense, media depends on public relations professionals.  In most mass communications, reporters and editors spend most of their time processing information and not gathering it.

Fun Fact

PRWeek conducted a national survey of Journalist and found that almost 60 percent used news releases “all the time” or “often.” Thirty percent acknowledged that they relied more on public relations sources than they did 5 years earlier.

The purpose of public relations is to inform, to shape opinions, attitudes and motives.

Giving gifts such as coffee mugs or T-shirts are Gimmicks that reporters and editors does not easily enjoy receiving.

The major complaint about journalist is that they are sometimes sloppy and they aren’t accurate, nor take the time with their homework.

The bottom line in effective media relations is being accurate, truthful, and providing outstanding services.

NOTE: Don’t irritate reporters by asking, “Did you get my news release? Also, don’t ask to see an advance copy of the story or when a story will be published.

For related information on PR VS Journalism: Take a look at 10 ways that PR people can sometimes drive journalists crazy.

What makes a story newsworthy?

Story Newsworthy

News can be defined by the word “Newsworthy information”, this is recent events or things taken place at a certain place or time. What I have learned about newsworthy information is knowing what is relevant, clear and precise at that day and time.

There are some things “we” should look at to see if a story is newsworthy:

  • Timing: If the story is from eight days ago and Billy Joe became a senator than it is irrelevant to anyone which makes it not current. News has to be current.
  • Significance: Give us the details on who is affected. i.e. “who was killed” at the time.
  • Proximity: Location- where did this take place, was it near my home etc but not meaning geographical means, just where so and so may have relations and close bonds to a certain area.
  • Prominence– How big is this story? Did my daughter receive a bruise from recess today or did the president just gain access to another world?
  • Human interest– appealing to all audiences. Is this story catching many people’s eyes, not just a few?

Please comment and let me know what you think makes a story newsworthy.

M.J. in a bitter sense of humor

Ever since the death of Michael Jackson, people have mourned, realized and impersonated this man of great talent. He was a creator of art in music and no one can deny it. His complex moves, crazy stage presence and unique voice has affected someone in many ways.

In knowing that, he has affected my little sister and her friend. Her friend has dedicated her 5th birthday party to Michael. I just saw this video today but I have known about this for a while. She is dancing like no other towards M.J.’s music. I find it so adorable and yet funny to see how one man can change a child.

I want to share with you the videos of her M.J. party. Tell me what you think about the videos:

Video 1
Video 2