10 Ways PR Practitioners Can Drive a Journalist Crazy

Journalism & PR Practitioner: Soul mates

Many people see Journalism and PR Practitioners as enemies when really they are people who have to learn how to work hand and hand. But there are some iffy situations where PR Practitioners can bug the Journalist.

Here are 10 Ways they drive Journalist Crazy:

  1. PR Practitioners tend to not have enough background information when it comes to representing a product or service. This confuses and frustrates the journalist while trying to edit and complete the publishing factor.
  2. Journalist believe that PR Practitioners have no clue on what’s “newsworthy” , because they often write about whats in the job description instead of writing whats current and relevant.
  3. Journalist get annoyed with hype words that are unrealistic for news release such as “one of the Best”, they tend to think that PR Practitioners are incompetent and not capable of producing good news.
  4. Journalist also think that PR people have a tendency to twist their story. They forget to sell the story but instead they sell whatever to fit their agenda.
  5. When trying to contact for information or questioning, Journalist notice that PR people are never available and/or they never have a comment.
  6. Deadlines: When publishing a story, journalist have to have a story before the deadline just in case there are needs for rearranging or changing up a story.
  7. Calling: PR people tend to annoy Journalist with repeated phone calls asking why there story was not published.
  8. Gifts can become annoying.. more like “persuasive gimmicks”, that is attached with there news release kits. Seems more like a bargain than presenting a great story.
  9. Over obsessive: Faxes & emails are unnecessary when asking about your news release being published.
  10. Last but certainly not least, Journalist would like PR Practitioners to write the story, not by overly using words, but by giving the meat of the story.


What are some of your thoughts on this?


11 thoughts on “10 Ways PR Practitioners Can Drive a Journalist Crazy

  1. You had a lot of great points that I did not have when I did my research for this specific blog post. A few points that stood out to me particularly was your first one. “PR Practitioners tend to not have enough background information when it comes to representing a product or service. This confuses and frustrates the journalist while trying to edit and complete the publishing factor.” This is a hard thing to do I think. I think that it is important to provide the journalist with the information needed, but not with too much information. Remember, news releases are not supposed to be too long. Therefore, I think you have to get just the right amount of information.

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  3. I really liked your video in this post! It was a funny, yet creative way to show how different journalism and public relations are from each other, yet how they both need to be in a “relationship” with each other.

    Good list of ways public relations people can drive journalists crazy too… I especially agreed with numbers 3 & 9.

    Thanks for the enjoyable post!

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  6. The video made me literally LOL. I think that PR practitioners do get this bad rap sometimes. This video really displayed the typical interaction between PR and journalist. This video and your tips just show me that it’s so important NOT to do these things and to be a different PR person then what they are known for. I think we just have to be careful of our execution and how we approach the media. I also think that relationships are key and if we have that established with the journalist first, then it would be much easier to approach them.

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