Podcast: Have you tried?

Public Relations/Marketing Podcast

What are podcast?

Podcast- is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released periodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

Where can you listen to Podcast through: You can listen to podcast through your computers media player, Apple I-tunes even through your blackberry.

  • Some podcast are 2 minutes long to 20 minutes long. It all depends on what your interest of podcast is.
  • These podcast have great insight from politics, to breaking news and, of course, to great public relations information   ” THE NEED TO KNOW BASICS OF PR.”

Listening to these podcast will benefit PR Practitioners and PR Students because of many different reasons:

  1. Listening to Podcast as a PR personnel, helps you obtain customer support. Podcast gives one the upper hand in knowing things that are not usually said through networking, internet and radio.
  2. Being a PR Practitioner- podcast can help market press release information for your organization (if it is non-profit).
  3. For PR Students– listening to podcast can help you obtain the newest information on product development and product launching that may affect or benefit your life as a pubic relations writer. For example: Listening to Grammar Girl has helped me to Digitally market myself by using Twitter. Twitter is fast, efficient and a quick communicator to other sources.

While listening to other podcast such as NPR, it has helped broaden my insight towards politics and marketing. In the podcast under “It’s All Politics”: It has made me laugh, and even wonder why do we involve ourselves in such chaotic confusion. This particular podcast goes in details about Presidency; such as Barack Obama and many other political candidates like Sarah Palin.

If you have not started listening to podcast, your missing out on this exciting new trend. Try it, you’ll love it!


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