What are Infographics?

  • Infographics are visual showings of data, knowledge and information. Infographics are used to explain basic information to a map, powerpoints, signs, and even technical writing. This helps mathematicians, scientists and professors to explain complexed information in an easier way.

  • Infographics can be useful: By using images as a form of communication. The representation of pictures are very appealing and yet it grasps the learners attention. Infographics are used in magazines, books and newspapers which they come in many forms, visually, such as: charts, graphs, emblems, cartoons, diagrams and illustrations. Any image is okay to use as long as it works effectively to convey data in a way that it fulfills a general purpose.

How to create Infographics:

When trying to create a infographic you have to ask yourself three main questions:  Why? How? and Does it work?

  1. Why? This question is the most important question out of the three. Using WHY, helps you to establish why you want to create the infographic, what is it for and what is your goal? This will help you accomplish the basic reasons to start creating your infographic.
  2. How? After finishing Why, using how will refine your data. Asking how will help figure out the representation of your data.
  3. Does it Work? In this question, it helps you realize whether or not if the outcome of your goal is fit for the infographic or not.

After thoroughly answering all three questions you should be able to judge if the result is favorable or not. I also have other links concerning how to create infographics and how to essentially build an effective infographics:

Let me know if this blog was suitable for you or not.


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