What makes a story newsworthy?

Story Newsworthy

News can be defined by the word “Newsworthy information”, this is recent events or things taken place at a certain place or time. What I have learned about newsworthy information is knowing what is relevant, clear and precise at that day and time.

There are some things “we” should look at to see if a story is newsworthy:

  • Timing: If the story is from eight days ago and Billy Joe became a senator than it is irrelevant to anyone which makes it not current. News has to be current.
  • Significance: Give us the details on who is affected. i.e. “who was killed” at the time.
  • Proximity: Location- where did this take place, was it near my home etc but not meaning geographical means, just where so and so may have relations and close bonds to a certain area.
  • Prominence– How big is this story? Did my daughter receive a bruise from recess today or did the president just gain access to another world?
  • Human interest– appealing to all audiences. Is this story catching many people’s eyes, not just a few?

Please comment and let me know what you think makes a story newsworthy.


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