Lead Lab

Lead Lab

Is a course taken from This particular course is to help you create, distinguish and craft better ways of writing lead stories whether it’s for a newspaper or just for personal writing skills.  Here is the link to the course “Lead Lab”

  1. What I have learned about taking Lead Lab: Is writing leads with tension. Most people do not realize that tension is attacking two forces that are within your topic or issue. It is not the same as a conflict. This will help you to distinguish between writing for whom and for what.
  2. What surprised me? I never realized that using quotes at the beginning of an article is not as effective as one may think. (Even if it is from the primary source) Using quotes at the beginning seems like the writer does not know what to say.
  3. What I want to know more about? There are no questions or thoughts that run through my mind on what I want to know more about with writing a Lead. The Lead Lab has everything that I need to know.

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