My experience with Twitter

Using Twitter for the past week

Within the last week, using Twitter was a better experience than the previous weeks when I first started using it. I’ve had Twitter for about a year and it was not the same as using it with my class mates. The reason why I say this is because before I did not have many people to tweet to, but now I have people I actually know to tweet to back and forth. Twitter is now fun!  Also, I feel that there is more communication and social networking going on than when I first used Twitter.

I will continue using Twitter to stay updated with current news and current community involvements. Twitter has helped me to stay up to date with current issues in our world. Its kind of funny how it can be useful, and fun all at once.  So, if you have not used Twitter, or thought that its silly… I say give it a try for at least two weeks and follow people who you like. You will see how  Twitter is worth the time.

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