M.J. in a bitter sense of humor

Ever since the death of Michael Jackson, people have mourned, realized and impersonated this man of great talent. He was a creator of art in music and no one can deny it. His complex moves, crazy stage presence and unique voice has affected someone in many ways.

In knowing that, he has affected my little sister and her friend. Her friend has dedicated her 5th birthday party to Michael. I just saw this video today but I have known about this for a while. She is dancing like no other towards M.J.’s music. I find it so adorable and yet funny to see how one man can change a child.

I want to share with you the videos of her M.J. party. Tell me what you think about the videos:

Video 1
Video 2


4 thoughts on “M.J. in a bitter sense of humor

  1. SO first things first, your sister watches wayyyy too much Michael Jackson! haha However, she is adorable and knows how to dance very well for a little girl. When I was watching I was like “What the heck!? This little girl can probably dance better than I can!” haha. But she is adorable, and looks like she had an amazing fifth birthday! I think it is also funny that at such a young age, she is such a devoted MJ fan! That makes me happy because when I was little, I had a little piano and use to pretend to play MJ songs!

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  3. I love this post!! It was so funny to see the Michael Jackson impersonations taking place. I thinks it’s incredible how a man like Michael Jackson created such a revolution in music that he can influence people of all different kinds of generations. Michael Jackson created in my mind Pop Culture for the minority, and his legacy will live on forever!

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