Valentines Day Movie (2010)

Valentine’s Day, The one pagan holiday that we can, and possibly should express how much we “love” that special someone. We all know how many possible ways love may have failed us or how love can seem so wonderful from many fairy tales in today’s movies and television shows.

The Valentine’s Day Movie (2010), which I just finished watching has given me insight, precautions and even scares about the wordlove“. With a great cast like that I don’t see how the movie was so contradicting.

There are so many epic stories and scenarios where you would have loved and even cried laughing!

Now, I have to give you my honest opinion about this movie. Yes, they had a tremendous cast. Yes, it was a hilarious movie (in certain scenes) but there were some questionable scenarios that I did not like. I do not want to give too much information if some of you may not have seen it but it is a movie, just like others, that has simply unethical values to it. Some settings, wording and even gestures did not relate to the true meaning of this movie. It was about love, not about unnatural love or lust being love or man-made love.  JUST LOVE. For those of you who understand, Love is a wonderful thing between two (male +female) loved ones. However, you want to perceive that is up to you.

Do not get me wrong. It is not a horrible movie. I have seen worse, but if you are promoting one thing try not to mix it with other meanings. It’s like watching the Superbowl commercials waiting at the tip of your toes for those favorite ads, but in the long run it ends up promoting some other nonsense. It’s just not right.

You have to see it for yourself! Go watch it as soon as you can!

Director: Garry Marshall
Movie Link: Valentines Day


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