Superbowl Commercials, Which one was your favorite?

Superbowl XLIV, the first Superbowl that I have actually sat down to watch. WHY? For its insanely commercial breaks and lovable halftime shows. One thing that I adored so much about this years commercials is that they have a variety of funny commercials. Last year is was ok, but there was no variety. Of course Budweiser overtakes it all, but hey we had some good ones!

So, my question to you is… Which Superbowl commercial is your favorite?

My favorite Superbowl commercials was out of Doritos and E trade cause I can’t decide. I also liked snickers but it was an original. Doritos has a variety of funny!! Plus, they aired the “Doritos Casket” Commercial which was highly promoted by Southeastern University. The college that I attend. (Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL)

Below, I listed some commercials that I loved! Tell me which one’s you like!

Doritos Commercials:

ETRADE Commercial

Snickers Commercial:


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