PR Connections (Part 1)

Public relations issues that I have found are:

  • Public Relations Ethics, many may argue and say, ” PR does not have ethics,”  but I believe that it does depending on morals, beliefs and religion. As a Christian, I Believe in presenting the ” truth” as a PR representative. Link

  • The other issue is PR publicity: When working for an organization as a PR, some tend to market/advertise the business in the wrong way. It seems to me that PR has issues with trying to receive publicity for its untruthful ways. We see countless acts of organizations making mistakes. In this blog, that I reviewed,  Seth Godin, tells us the difference between PR and Publicity. Take a look! Track this URL

  • There is a YouTube video that I think is funny, clear and direct. It explains to us that Christian Public Relations is not a great way to get people closer to God. Watch the video and keep your ears open. =)

Video Link


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