HAITI, Are they being punished?

Many people believe that Haiti’s cause of such disaster has to do with their being into Voodoo. Now as a believer in Christ I believe that things happen through God’s teaching but not so much because one needs to suffer but needs to learn from there mistakes. My question to you is, Is Haiti being punished? I strongly disagree that they are being punished so to speak, but I agree that there are consequences to your actions. That’s regardless if you are practicing voodoo, etc..  A lot of Media points out the unneeded info, what about America being wrong for War, or allowing us to drink alcohol or use drugs. As American’s we promote drugs, violence and war. WE NEED TO LOOK AT “OURSELVES” & SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING INSTEAD OF TEARING DOWN OTHERS, WHILE THEY ARE IN NEED.

I urge all of you who are reading this to always look at the bigger picture; instead of judging so easily. Look at the fact, mainly THE” TRUTH”. No country is perfect and no human being is perfect. Let’s get back to being truthful and honest about all mistakes and issues of LIFE.

Link to MSNBC

Please give me some feedback, I want to know what you think: Is Haiti being punished?

-Taja Nicole


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